Sharing your knowledge in ways that are appealing to others.

Guess what, some people are born to teach.

I could be guilty of that.

I will not say I am a good teacher. But I hope to be one to allow myself sharing more applicable and appealing skills, content and information to those who would love to learn.

I want to learn.

I am guilty of hoarding old books because the fact that I revisit them still even after decades of reading them.

To me, books are not outdated, they were just perspective of those before new knowledge is found.

Keeping the old facts together with new ones make me feel complete.

I do not know if it is a good thing. But I believe in the past that shapes today. I guess it is somehow explain my habit.

I am dedicating this part of the blog to commemorate my journey in building Katalyz Learning Centre.

It’s an expansion of a belief.

and I would like to share it to everyone.

I believe that good education can be affordable. I believe of continuity in learning.

I believe that knowledge is shareable especially when it is appealing.

I believe that all students are gifted. They just need some catalyst. and that’s where we come in.

Follow us on Instagram (katalyz_lc) and Facebook (Katalyz Learning Centre) to learn more about us.


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