The Ramadhan Platter

Taj Mahal Platter for only RM49.50 nett for 2 pax!

The Taj Mahal platter is making a comeback at Paddington House of Pancakes Nu Sentral.


Because the idli pancakes, potato masala and yogurt mint chutney are instatiable.

But why actually?

It give reasons to come at least once a year to our place because this menu comes back only a certain limited period of the year.

No, really why?

Because our followers, our PHOPers that come to Nu Sentral are usually those who seek for some comforting meal, something that they are more familiar with, something that can remind them of home.


While searching for Niche

For one big portion of my career life, I have been in the education and training industry.

I have officially kicked start my career in 2011 upon graduation.

But to trace back, I have been involved with working with students from different stages in school since I started working as a part-time (volunteer) in Petrosains Science Centre, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur since January 2005.

After completing my two years fellowship as Teach for Malaysia inaugural cohort 2012, I have been hoping jobs seeking roles than can suite my personal life as a new mother, a wife and one that can satisfy my burning passion in creating something from scratch.

I served a few months in University Malaya as an RA before I went into preschool education.

When I started to co-found a startup and dive into Food and Beverage industry, I see that still go back into training talents, recruitment and working with my team towards achieving their career progression.

Then I started Young Affiliation Academy and now developing KaTaLyZ, a business brand that goes into customising learning approaches in personal tutoring and instructional design.

To be frank, coming back into teaching was by conscious choice of getting the extra RM to support my children education as economics when into dip and we needed to do whatever it takes to sustain our business in FnB.

Coming back to employment at that point was NOT AN OPTION.

I see that despite where I go, I still come back into teaching.

Planning lesson works with me very well where designing direction for each talent/student/colleague is something that I figured out, is actually my niche.

Darn it.

12 years into the labour force to find out that THIS is actually something that I am not ashamed to admit, that I am very good at.

Now exploring Instructional Design across discipline. I dropped out my postgraduate study as I couldn’t find what is my direction.

I think I may have found one now. (Finally).