Coffee, Miss?

That was the first question I got from one of my employee (co-workers) the moment I step into our premise.

It seems like they have picked up my habit of drinking coffee, a cup at least when I go down to the operation.

Regularly, latte, double shot espresso.

I said this time,

‘No. I had two cups already today. It is only  1.45 pm I know, but thank you’.

His next question was,

‘You are very strong in drinking coffee, right Miss?’

and I replied,

‘Yes. I don’t sleep much. I am on the move most of the time. And that is how I survive, how I keep myself functioning’.


That conversation drifted me into thinking, this habit of getting heavy on coffee, am I being to hard to myself?

Managing 2 startups. A mother of two young kids. Keeping up roles at home and at work.

and I sometime the devil will whisper

‘You don’t have to be this worried if you go back to employment.

You will get a steady salary at every end of the month.

You got your office hour back. Social security.

IMG_7595.JPGWouldn’t that be nice?’

The part that brush me off from that thinking will always be ‘This is the only path that allows me working in flexible time. Without the guilt of taking days off if my kids are sick, allowing me to have a flexible working space and freedom of job description. And of course, the exponential potential of wealth making’.

How do I keep up?


But will there be any long term effects? Am I being too hard to myself?

How would I know.



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