I have been blogging since 2011.

The urge was different back then.

I was young, naive and narrow-minded.

Today, not much different in that sense but 6 years older.

I am now 30 years old married woman with 2 kids under 4 years old. My eldest, Aisyah is turning 4 years old in August. The youngest (so far), Yusuf will be turning 2 in October.

I am a shareholder of a Ptd Ltd startup, venturing into F&B and also Fashion business. Together with my husband, we run and share the risks of one of the sector, the F&B as a franchise restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

2016 hits us hard. Guess we entered the business world at the bad time. I don’t have much saving apart from the one that my parents kept the account book from the savings I had before I was 18 years. Not much, but I didn’t have to go through the struggle for repaying the students loans after graduating.

Despite holding the title of ‘Directorship’ in that small startup, it didn’t make us rich. Our revenue was good. We earned steadily more than half a million annually since commencement in 2015. But the cost was high too. Most of the time the balance of account is negative. But we figure that is okay. We bleed. But we are still alive.

2016 is when the company decided that I had to take a huge salary cut to ensure operation can still run despite the hardship.

I decided to run my second business. I go back into teaching. This small enterprise provides private tutoring services to those who seek. Being a certified teacher, the operation side was a breeze. Yet, being insatiable, I see lots of potential in this.

As a teacher, I see talent. I naturally develop them, get their trust. Demotivate them when necessarily just to bring them back up. I am now having a new goal of expanding this line of business into Ptd Ltd by Jan 2018. Ambitious? Goal gives us direction.

This blog is not going to be focusing on myself per se.

This is where I get to vent my deepest thoughts as 2 business owners at the age of 30. Sounds big? Not at all. We struggle to get ends meet. We struggle to ensure that kids are well fed, healthy and happy. We dig holes to pay bills.

But, we are thankful. Despite everything, we are still alright as compared to some others who are not doing well as us.

Food an Education. Family and kids. How do I manage?

Literally with blood, sweat and tears.

Self re-discovering. This is what I hope to accomplish from getting myself busy blogging once again.

Bare with me folks. We are going for a joyride.


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