The Millenial. The struggle is real. Or is it just me?

So we have been having short number of staff since a month ago.

We have been struggling in looking for an Operation Manager since our previous one tendered her resignation. She said she felt incompetent. We were not surprise. But the restructuring was difficult this time because as a partner, I am not fully committed to the operation hour anymore as I am setting up another tutoring business.

We struggled to find the balance. The autopsy of how this could have happen will be share in another post. I promise I will be writing in honesty and transparency as I am still in the learning curve as well.


Hiring a replacement is hard.

Almost a month after our Operation Manager left, we had one coming in. But our expectation didn’t meet. We had to let him go.

Now learning how to recruit while another 3 is leaving. 1 due study. 1 because she couldn’t handle working during the weekends. Another one is starting her practical soon.

I am meeting another 2 candidate this morning. Recruitment is hard and it gets harder. Especially when the candidates are the millenials. Or is it just me?

Human capital management just up another level.

Any tips?



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